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About Us

The 73rd Avenue Church of Christ is a conservative, non-denominational and faithful Church of Christ that strives to be a light in our community. We follow what we believe to be scripture inspired directly by God. We also believe that Jesus Christ was God's only begotten Son and came to this sin cursed world to save all of mankind from their sins.

Our congregation meets on a regular basis to worship and have studies. For those who have never attended a Church of Christ before it may appear different from denominational church experiences. We do not have any musical instruments that we use for worship of our Lord. Instead we make music with our voices as we sing in harmony. There are also no crucifixes or iconic symbols within our building. We are taught that worshiping idols is against the will of our Father. There are also no "fellowship halls" or cafeterias. We are also taught through the scripture that the church building is to be used to conduct worship of our God only. We do not perform weddings, funerals or any other ceremonies at our building. The one exception to this rule is baptisms. We do believe that full immersion baptism is required to be saved by our Lord.

At the 73rd Avenue Church of Christ we strive to follow exactly what the Bible says. We do not try to "improve" on God's inspired word in any way. We serve the Lord's Supper at both worship services on Sunday and invite all brothers and sisters in Christ to come assemble around the table while we remember our Savior's great sacrifice on the cross.