Our Worship

We believe that the Bible is the holy inspired word of God given to us through faithful servants to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. As such, our worship follows the examples of worship we can find in the New Testament bible and does not add or take away from the instructions.

The New Testament provides examples of the Apostles and servants gathering together on the first day of the week to sing songs, pray, teach the gospel of our Lord and remember the Lord’s sacrifice through His institution of the Lord’s Supper. During our service we strive to follow this example.

When you come to worship with us you can expect:

  • Songs offered to our Lord in praise and admonition using our voices
  • Prayers offered to our Lord in thanksgiving, praise and love
  • Communion together through breaking of the bread and fruit of the vine in memory of the broken body and blood shed by our savior, Jesus Christ
  • A scriptural sermon citing book, chapter and verses from the bible so you can be sure the lesson is founded on the teachings and words of the Father and not the wisdom of men